Half Day Stunt Session to Experience the Exciting World of Stunts

Our beginner level, Half Day Stunt Session runs for four hours at monthly intervals. It is an exhilarating  opportunity providing you with an experience that is the envy of adrenaline junkies. This stunt program option is a lower cost and time investment than another introductory experience, our Full Day option.


Stage Combat, Swordplay

Flying on Wires

Commando Style Obstacles


7 hour day held 1st Sunday every second month. Upcoming dates below.

Pre-arranged for larger groups

Half day and full day Stunt Experience


Stunt Park, Nerang, Gold Coast

Affordable accommodation available

Tuition Cost:

$299 AUD

Fancy a fun introduction to the wonderful world of stunts involving Stage Combat Jackie Chan style, Samurai Swordplay, Flying on Wires Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon style, and our unique Commando Style Obstacles? Our expert Instructors are world class stunt performers and athletes in their area of expertise.

Full Day, Half Day and 2 Week Professional class stunt fight scene

Stage Combat

You will be guided by our team of expert stunt performers. We will teach you how to create and perform a realistic fight scene. Fancy a Jackie Chan rumble?

Through our stunt program techniques, we will teach you all that you need to know about punches, kicks, blocks, throws and reactions.


Using Samurai Swords, you will learn some of the secrets of the Samurai Warriors. We will help you create your own sword fight. This event will be filmed so that you can impress your friends and family with your very own action scene.

grant denyer sword fighting,Half Day and Full Day Stunt skills session,image gallery
wire work at Specialty Private and Half Day and Full Day Stunt classes

Flying on Wires

Just like in The Matrix, or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, you will be put into a fling harness and taught how to somersault off a wall.

Fancy flying through the air like Superman and Wonder Woman?

Commando Style Obstacles

Next up, it’s time to use your balance, strength, and agility skills. You will run through our specially designed Obstacles in a fun and challenging way:

  • Rope climbs
  • Apex walls
  • Rings and monkey bars
  • Walls
  • Tyre runs
  • Parallel bars

At the end of the Half Day Stunt Session, it’s time to sign up for one of Stunt Park’s more advanced options. Check out our Academy’s international stunt schools.

Obstacle Park wall climb at Half Day and Full Day Stunt classes,about Stunt Park history and vision,image gallery

Half Day Stunt Session Information

The Half Day Stunt Session is ideal for individuals, corporate groups, sports teams (minimum 2 people).

1-40 participants.

Price quoted is for one person, but a minimum of 2 people are required to be paid for.

Groups of any size catered for. Group discounts available. Please contact us for details.

Stunt Park, Nerang, Queensland, Australia

Stunt Park is located behind the Prana Centre, corner Price St and Brisbane Freeway,

7027 Southport Nerang Road, Nerang

Exit 69 off Pacific Motorway M1

Session length usually runs for four hours.

9.30am to 1.30pm or

1.30pm to 5.30pm

Can be tailored to suit your time schedule.

Feb 5th

April 2nd

June 4th

August 6th

October 1st

December 3rd

Wear comfortable clothing.

Bring any special wardrobe requirements.

A specialized themed wardrobe will be provided to make your transition into stunt performer as perfect as possible.

Takes place in all weather conditions.

Spectators are welcome should you wish to impress a captive audience on the day.

You will be required to sign a waiver on the day prior to participating in this experience.

Don’t forget to bring your camera!

$299 (AUD)

Please call 0412 455 005 before booking for the Half Day Stunt Skills Session.

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