We Know How to Make Stunt Professionals at Our Stunt Schools!

Stunt schools zone at Stunt Park is a stunt training world leader for adrenaline-pumping, action-packed stunt courses. Most noteworthy, Australia’s Stunt Academy provides professional stuntman training. In addition, our globally renowned skill development stunt courses are therefore suitable for new and established stunt performers, stunt doubles, stunt riggers, stunt coordinators, and stunt actors. Furthermore, for nearly 25 years, the iconic Academy has successfully operated elite stunt schools at exceptional global locations:

  • Gold Coast stunt school, Australia
  • Hollywood stunt school, Los Angeles (LA), California, United States of America (USA)
  • Phuket, Thailand stunt school

View our exciting stunt woman and stuntman training videos showcasing proven stunt courses:


Who Wants to Learn How to Become a Stuntman or Stunt Woman in Our Stunt Schools Zone?

First of all, if you are ready to get the best training at our stunt schools for kick starting your stunt career, there are four main stunt courses to choose from.

  • Half Day Stunt Training Course

To get a taste of what’s on offer, also offered as a team building fun event for corporate, sports teams and family fun. Held once a month at Stunt Park or as pre-arranged for larger groups. Next Dates: August 7th, Oct 2nd, Dec 4th.

  • Professional Two Week Stunt Training Course

Advanced intensive training for the physically fit. Held four times a year at Stunt Park. Next Date: Sept 5th -16th

  • Full Day Stunt Training Course

For those with some basic knowledge and experience or high level fitness. Held once a month at Stunt Park or pre-arranged for larger groups. Next Date: August 8th

  • Advanced Hollywood Stunt Training Course

Elite training, held once a year, in California. Learn advanced stunt school skills and techniques. The pinnacle of our stunt courses. Next Date May 8th – 20th, 2017

In addition, if you are not sure which of our stunt schools classes is probably right for you, just call us on 0412 455 005. Have a chat with our experts in the industry who can help you get in the stunt training zone by providing more information about the stunt courses. Also, you can email us at


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Making a Stunt Professional at Our Stunt Schools Training Courses

In Australia, stunt grading is required by the Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA) to work in the film and television stunt industry. Stunt Academy, founded by international stuntman Colin Handley, is especially relevant, as a leader in the stunt courses field. Colin is the ultimate stunt training authority. It was his vision to create the best stunt schools environment.

Furthermore, our courses are where only the best qualified, experienced stunt schools instructors pass on their knowledge and stuntman training skills using world class equipment. See the Australian Stunt grading procedures here Stunt Grading Procedures.

According to the MEAA, a Stunt Actor is defined as a person who is graded, qualified and skilled to perform stunts. A Stunt Actor must have advanced stunt skills and training in all of the six categories of Body control (compulsory), Heights, Vehicles, Animals, Water, and Fire (compulsory).

Most significantly, the MEAA defines an Identifiable Stunt as a stunt action performed that requires extraordinary skill or endured discomfort as part of the performance. Extremely relevant, all these stunt schools’ activities are included in our courses: fire burns, being near explosions, taking vehicle impacts, high falls, stair fallswire work, air ram, precision expert stunt driving.

In conclusion, our state of the art stunt courses are located in iconic world destinations. Stunt Academy, Stunt Park based at the Gold Coast specializes in professional stunt training. This is two weeks of intensive and extensive instruction. Performing stunts is a most important aspect of action film productions. Finally, another of our advanced stunt schools’ classes is the perfect opportunity for aspiring stunt performers to learn essential skills. The Hollywood Advanced Stunt Training Course is the ultimate of all our stunt courses. This master class in stuntman training is to sharpen skills and develop knowledge because they play a significant role in performing stunts successfully. The Stunt Academy’s leading stunt schools zone provides world-class stunt courses with cutting edge  stunt training activities and techniques for a making a stunt professional.

The Stunt Training Manual: Best Guide to Our Stunt Schools Zone

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