Superhero Party Starring You and Your Friends

Stunt Park Superhero Parties are explosive, action packed, stunt thrilled adventures for both children and / or adults. Our Superheroes teach participants their unique skills and superpowers. Then the group is instructed in stunts to show them how to fight the baddies. Our package includes a range of interactive stunt activities.

The popular, iconic character, Wonder Woman is the most enduring super heroine in comic book history. The Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s Justice League movie was awesome, the top box office super heroine film of all time.

Join our Wonder Woman action experience, sliding on shields, thrusting baddies off towers and wielding swords.

As the lead stunt woman behind Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman, is stunt double, Caitlin Dechelle. Leaping through the air she doubles Gadot and was selected specifically for her fighting proficiency, pulling off some truly incredible physical feats for the movie.

We are flexible in building Superhero party ideas to suit you. Please contact us so our Party Planners can start organising your Superhero party activities today.

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