Channel Your Inner Spartacus at Gladiator Training Skills Session


Unarmed Combat, Sword Fighting

Archery and Spear, Knife and Axe Throwing


4 hours: Available 7 days, excluding public holidays

trainees fighting with poles and shields at Gladiator Training Booking, Action Experiences


Stunt Park, Nerang, Gold Coast


From $99 per person

Group discounts available

Gladiator Training Skills Session is a totally unique and awesome action experience. Have you always dreamed of learning ancient combat skills and techniques. Fancy living the life of a Titan of the arena?

You will do the same physical exercises that real Gladiators did centuries ago. It’s a wide array of exercise across three categories – three categories: Strength, Rapid, and Violent – ranging from lifting heavy objects, to agility work, to speed training, to grip training, to conditioning, and to strength conditioning. Everything that is old is new again! Join our Gold Coast Stunt Park center to get involved in great fight scenes.

trainee with sword and shield at Gladiator Training at Stunt Park,image gallery
Adrenalin gladiator with sword at Gladiator Training at Stunt Park,image gallery

Everything That Is Old Is New Again

Gladiator Training skills session is our latest attraction for corporate groups, either for fun, as an incentive prize, or for Team Building. This ancient skills building action experience usually includes Unarmed Combat, Sword Fighting, Archery and Spear, Knife and Axe Throwing.

Imagine your group competing against each other or in teams, for the longest Spear Throw, the most accurate Knife and Axe Throwing, The Best Archery Shot, Most Skilled Swordsman/Woman, and Unarmed Combat King.

Gladiator Style Wardrobe

This Gladiator Training skills session can be held at our unique Stunt Park location on the Gold Coast. We can also bring most of the equipment to any suitable location around Australia, or internationally.

Normally participants can wear their own comfortable clothing. However, we can also theme the event, with Gladiator style wardrobe, i.e. loin cloths, tunics, arm guards etc.

fighting with swords at Gladiator Training Booking, Stunt Park at Gold Coast,image gallery

At the end of the Gladiator Training Experience, you’ll probably be hooked on action. Time then for an introductory Gold Coast based stunt course. Check out our day session stunt training options

Gladiator Training Skills Session Information

The Half Day adventure is ideal for individuals, corporate groups, sports teams (minimum 2 people).

1-40 participants.

Price quoted is for one person, but a minimum of 2 people are required to be paid for.

Groups of any size catered for. Group discounts available. Please contact us for details.

Stunt Park, Nerang, Queensland, Australia

Stunt Park is located behind the Prana Centre, corner Price St and Brisbane Freeway, Nerang

Session length usually runs for four hours.

9.30am to 1.30pm or

1.30pm to 5.30pm

Can be tailored to suit your time schedule.

Or a full day is available on request.

Operates by appointment only.

Available 7 days a week, excluding public holidays.

Wear comfortable clothing.

Bring any special wardrobe requirements.

A specialized themed wardrobe will be provided to make your transition into gladiator as perfect as possible.

Takes place in all weather conditions.

Spectators are welcome should you wish to impress a captive audience on the day.

You will be required to sign a waiver on the day prior to participating in this experience.

Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Please call 0412 455 005 before booking for Gladiator Stunt Training learning ancient combat skills at Stunt Park.

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