Stunt Park’s featured Action Experiences include a wide range of short form stunt activities. Fancy yourself as Wonder Woman007 James Bond for a day or a movie star stunt person? Imagine learning how to perform stunts? There are many choices of sessions ranging from day stunts, kids stunts, spy manoeuvres, gladiator combat skills, private lessons, parties, movie star action themed events, and unique obstacles.


athlete hangs on Obstacle Park warped wall activity at Action Experiences Stunt Park, Gold Coast
Spy School female and male action hero with gun at Action Experiences, image gallery
male spy character holds gun at Movie Star Experience, Action Experiences,image gallery
Gladiator Training at Stunt Park,image gallery
archery coaching at Action Experiences,image gallery
Superhero themed parties at Stunt Park with Batman and Spiderman

The Stunt Skills Manual

Purchase a copy of the ultimate stunt skills guide written by Colin Handley himself!

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