The Stunt Park Terms and Conditions set out that during sessions participants:

  1. I understand that all safety precautions will be taken but in the unlikely event of injury to myself, I will not hold Stunt Park or it’s organizers, staff or the Stunt Park responsible, provided our staff apply Highest and Best Practice at all times;
  1. In stunt park activities, I may be exposed to risks that may result in personal injury, expenses and loss;
  1. I am responsible for my own safety in comprehending and applying all information, instructions and directions by Stunt Park trainers and instructors;
  1. Stunt Park may vary aspects of, or terminate the session for good reason without liability to me, in the event Stunt Park or its staff deem this necessary for protecting myself and/or others;
  1. I will not during sessions take any alcohol, drugs or medications that might effect my judgement and/or performance at sessions;
  1. I am in excellent health and have no physical, mental or comprehension injuries, defects or deformities, or any other condition which may detrimentally affect my performance;
  2. I am not insured in any way by Stunt Park and I am responsible for arranging at my own cost, any personal health, injury, loss of income and property insurance.
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