Stunt Park Venture to Build on Our History and Vision

The Stunt Park mother ship of exciting and safe, action activities focuses on additional inclusive features which build on our history and vision. For more than twenty years, our Academy has achieved excellence as an instruction center. Gold Coast based Stunt Park, a new and exciting venture launched in 2015, is now home to this gold standard of stunt classes. Check out our training courses at Stunt Academy

Building on our rich history in safe stunt skills instruction, we now welcome all participants who are interested in challenging physical activities. Stunt Park also encourages sponsorship opportunities and partnerships. Joining with us will strengthen community involvement to work together in delivering our vision for 2015 and beyond.

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Stunt Academy’s History and Vision

In 1990, Stunt Academy was born, offering unique stunt classes. This attracted international and local media attention. Many newspaper articles and magazine stories were published. There were also TV News stories and an International Television Documentary, titled Stunt School.

The Academy went from strength to strength. It has become a world renowned stunt instruction facility. Our courses are highly sought after for aspiring stunt performers, actors and adrenaline junkies.

There is so much current interest in outdoor adventure activities. This is community wide. To accommodate this increasing interest, we have added new experiences and activities. These experiences are suitable for kids, teens, adults and corporates.

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Stunt Park Vision

Our vision at Stunt Park is to encourage people of all ages and abilities to participate. We present unique opportunities where they can challenge themselves while having fun. There are so many different experiences offered.

We strive help our participants to build confidence, personal relationships, improve fitness, and try different challenging activities. Stunt Park focuses on kids learning independence and social skills. This will assist them to develop into successful adults.

Kids learn FUNdamental skills that help them Learn, Play, and Grow in a team environment.

Stunt Park offers a unique opportunity for everyone to practice functional, social, mobility, and independent outdoor skills. During their time at Stunt Park, this all happens while they form friendships and have fun!

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Sponsorship Opportunities

We are looking for like-minded businesses to join us in delivering our vision for 2015 and beyond.


We welcome partnering with businesses and organisations that would benefit from working together with us and our customers.

Please contact Colin Handley, Principal 0412 455 005

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