wide angled view about Stunt Park at Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

What is Unique About Stunt Park?

For action lovers, there are many exciting features about Stunt Park. The home base is on the beautiful Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. This is the main tourism destination in Australia. Many wonderful opportunities are available. Check out our FAQs for more information

In 2015, international expert stunt instructor, Colin Handley launched the action packed epicentre of stunt action experiences, Stunt Park. Colin has managed the world class, successful Stunt Academy for 22 years.  These operations are based at various locations around the world. Colin chose to open the doors of Stunt Park and its thrilling attractions to the general public. With increasing interest in outdoor adventure activities, people will enjoy challenging themselves while having fun too using the Stunt Park features. These activities also improve balance, strength, agility, fitness, and build self-confidence.

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Action Packed Features Fun

Challenging Stunt Park action packed features offer new experiences and activities. These are suitable for kids, teenagers, adults and business. Everyone now has the opportunity to enjoy the exciting, unique equipment and facilities offered. These features include:

  • High Ropes
  • 14 metre High Tower for Rappelling
  • High Falls and Flying Fox
  • Large Grassed Field
  • Full Flying Trapeze
  • Motorcycle Track
  • Canteen
  • Classroom
  • Large Commando Style Obstacles:
    • Rope climbs
    • Apex walls
    • Rings and monkey bars
    • Walls
    • Tyre runs
    • Parallel bars

Unique Obstacle Park for Australian Ninja Warrior Drills

Our obstacles are some of the most state of the art and challenging available in Australia. One of the new Stunt Park features, the unique and challenging Obstacle Park, is a collaborative effort between Stunt Academy and Terrain Training. A popular feature is the only Warped Wall in Queensland. This is similar to the legendary obstacle in the Ninja Warrior, originating in Japan as Sasuke, the American Ninja Warrior television series, and the coming Australian Ninja Warrior Season 1.

Safety Our Primary Concern

Stunt Park is the epicentre of safe stunt skills instruction. The safety of our stunt trainees is very important as our primary concern. Our safety practices, briefings and procedures are appropriate. This ensures that all risks are reduced. Our goal is for everyone to complete their stunt activities with an enjoyable and rewarding experience about Stunt Park. Check out our stunt performer instruction courses

New signage for Stunt Park surrounded by tall trees and reach for the sky
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